I swore a long time ago that once I got proficient enough in lightwave I was going to do the plane that played such a major role in my grandfathers life. I'm hoping that time has come. This is going to be a pictoral journal of the mossie as I build her. Constructed almost totally of wood, she was light and agile. Two huge motors on the wings made it as fast , if not faster than most fighters of the era. In some models the bomb capacity rivaled that of the much bigger and slower B-17.
Alot more detail work done. Added all the details to the top and bottom of the wings. Also cut out and made all the access panels on the side of the nacelles.

I don't want to even go into how much detail is in the landing gear... I spent way to much time on it and the poly count climbed accordingly. There is about 39,000 polys in each of the 2 legs. Detailed pictures aren't always a good thing to have.

I gave up (for the moment) of retracting the gear with IK and did a simple morph.. Which means that the retract process isn't animatable, but it saves loading in another object for a ground scene. Gear doors are morphed to open though.
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