I swore a long time ago that once I got proficient enough in lightwave I was going to do the plane that played such a major role in my grandfathers life. I'm hoping that time has come. This is going to be a pictoral journal of the mossie as I build her. Constructed almost totally of wood, she was light and agile. Two huge motors on the wings made it as fast , if not faster than most fighters of the era. In some models the bomb capacity rivaled that of the much bigger and slower B-17.
About 6 hours into it now. I still might end up redoing the fuselage but I'll throw a texture on it first to see how it renders first. In case some maintenance is required on the props.. the spinner comes off so the Hub can be seen.

Well, the weekend was a washout for getting any modelling done but I plunged back at it tonight. Upto 13 hours into her and time for another update. Finished the tail assembly and moved on to the fuselage. Do you know how hard it is to find decent photos of the TOP of a mossie!? I'm modeling in the majority of the major details and panel lines. I'm not totally happy with the canopy but it will work for now. Noticed a window needs to be fixed too. Finished the <ahem> business end of it. 48,808 polys and counting.

Just some detail work. All the fuselages major panel lines are modeled. Antenna Array added and also made the bomb bay doors functional.