Ahh the Gaak. This whole thing started with an offhanded comment by a friend. We were talking about how there are literally dozens of sites that feature Star Trek and B5 etc. I'm not knocking those shows in the slightest but the Federation and a Starfury seemed to become the standard design that all ships were judged by. We decided to create two
entirely new races that have nothing to do with the present TV / Movies. I created the Gaak they are a kind of intersellar arms dealer. That sells spaceships to any and all races it encounters. The ships they sell are export versions of the ones in their own fleet. Of course if push came to shove ( and it has ) their ships are much more powerful than the ones that they sell. The ships presented here are sort of in a sales brochure form. If your interested in purchasing anything after the presentation Please feel free to talk to YURIYEHB ( Harry ) after the display.
Now off to the Ships.