Captains Log
Ship Dreadnaught

Date: Mozengh 12 3476

While on trials in a previously unexplored galaxy, we came upon two alien ships on sensors 8 solar systems away. Being eager to observe the two races interact, we closed with them. We approached cautiously not knowing the sensing capabilities. Apparently we need not have worried since we closed to within 1 million kms and they still had not given any indication that they knew we were present. This afforded us a great position to observe the two ships. They were apparently engaged is some form of game much like Hide & Seek played by our young. They would fade in and out of view which caused us to switch sensor mapped viewing on so we could follow the game. The apparent rules were to fade from view, guess where the opponent was, fade INTO view and try to tag it with a plasma/energy pointer. The larger of the two ships ( They refer to themselves as Ronilum or some such ) was a bit of a bully and started to pick on the smaller ( Kalgon we found later ) ship. I could not stand by and watch this occur so I was forced to put the Ronilum in a stasis " time-out " to teach him a lesson in good sportsmanship. Apparently the Kalgons live by the rule of " Kick you opponent when he's down." as they immediately turned and viscously started tagging the Ronilum?!?! Well, I could support none of THAT, Stasis for them too. We took a cursory look at the data systems each ship had and its technical ability. They are apparently limited in their range of exploration since their charts covered barely 35% of their native galaxy. This says much about their sensor capabilities also. Their data systems are crude and about all we could glean off of them were the names of the races. We dropped the two into a wrap corridor to their home worlds to end the confrontation. We will turn over the data to intelligence upon return.