Type Dreadnaught
Crew Classified ( Approx. 300 )
Drive Type Classified ( Xion Drive Likely )
Range Best Guess Unlimited
Shielding Classified ( Estimated in the TerraWatt Range )
Size(L x H x W ) (Estimated) 1080m x 480m x 960m
Weapon Load


Intelligence reports indicate that Generation X weapons are carried on this ship. Rumors abound but seem to indicate that this weapon system can track unlimited targets at an astounding range and seems to cause a magnetic resonance implosion across enemy shields.

As of yet unnamed. Seen here on her maiden voyage she is a modern marvel. Little is known of her design specifics at all..Even stranger is the addition of what the terrain worker called " Tail Markings " Since they weren't allowed inside but were allowed to take a Cargo Bug out to view the exterior. When they returned to port these marking were on the "tail". We have no idea what the markings mean but the terrains said to trust them....It is appropriate.