Type Battleship
Crew 135
Drive Type Xion Drive With HyperDrive Motors
Range Unlimited with HyperDrive
Shielding 800 Mega Watts (Thermal & Energy)
Size(L x H x W ) 380m x 100m x 360m
Weapon Load

40 Zenon Missles in rack with a store of 400 in ship.
20 Corbian Cannons
4x Corbian Blaster (Planet Killer) on wingtips
2x Squadrons of Light Fighters

With Zenon missles and Corbian Cannons tied to the ZLQ-24d weapon system, nothing in the known universe can match the shear brute force of the Royal Zaagh! With a full compliment of missles, cannons and the 400 GigaJule Blasters, backed up with 24 light fighters make it the most deadly ship known. Due to the magnitude of this ship only one has been built thus far. At a third again the size of her sister Cruiser the Twangh in escort... where you YOURS!