All the objects on this page are free for your personal use. If you do create something with them I would love to see what you come up with. The textures on all the models have been removed so its easier to apply your own to them.
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Details On This
Details On This
Details On This

The blacksmith is an essential part of any medival town or castle scene so it only made sense to do this one right after the castle walls. Its in Lightwave 6 format. Let me know if you need it in v5 format.

Download (198k)

Slow week for getting anything done on the castle, so I did this up quick so I could say " I worked on it " Just a corral fence and gate to put outside inns and HEY blacksmiths can use them too! =) Lightwave 6 format.

Download (70k)

I thought it would be quick and simple...some where along the way I added a fair amount of detail to it. Trapdoors, stairs, handrails etc. Again in Lightwave 6 format.

Download (291k)