Hmmm. You never realize just how little you have to put on a bio page until you sit down to do one.... Well lets see. Born 1966, which just happens to be the best year yet, In London Ontario Canada. I got interested in Computer Graphics when it came to my attention that I couldn't draw a stick figure unaided.

I started out with a wonderful brand new computer that had just hit the market called an Amiga 1000. My graphics weapon of choice was a program called Deluxe Paint. With it I soon mastered the art of Stick figures!!! That major accomplishment under my belt....I started playing with 3D programs. Imagine was my mainstay for a long time along with Real3D. One day at a friends place I was introduced to a program called LightWave. It was love at first render and I've been there ever since.

I'm happily ( yes read that again its not a typo ) married to the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, forgiving, patient........ <can I stop now.... OUCH> lovely, faithful friend in the known universe. We have two children, Erik and Tasha.

Well.......after years of puttering as a hobby in Lightwave I also enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on as well as designing, building and flying remote control planes.

That's about it....back to the main page.