Select the top 2 rows of polys on your new tire and push the = key to hide all but those. Switch to layer 2. Select the point you copied from layer 1 press the + key to activate points. Lay down half the profile of your rim again ending on x=0 as shown. Space bar to deactivate points. Again select all points BUT the one on the X axis and mirror across X. Deactivate Mirror.

Starting on one side, select all the points in order and press ctrl+p to create an open spline.

Give your newly created spline a creative name like..hmmm how about Rim.

Time to Lathe! push shift+L or under the multiply tab, Lathe. Push n to bring up the numeric requester. Since the Tire has 32 segments I just left it as is. Again its through the X axis.

Close the requester and deactivate the lathe. In openGL preview make sure everything is shaped right. Undo and tweak and repeat if necessary. If the surface is facing the wrong way press f ( flip normal ).

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