OK.. Its not going to be real pretty looking ... If there is any intrest I'll dress it up a bit. In the following I hope to give you the basics on modeling a nice looking rim and tire for any car you want to model. Sit back, fire up modeler and follow along. Click the image for a larger view.

In the back view, press the + key and place the first point of your tire on the X axis. Use the Right Mouse Button ( RMB ) to place the rest of the points for one half of the tire. Keep in mind that we are going to do the rim based on this profile so keep the profile UP the Y axis enough so the rim will be the right size.

Everything will be lathed around the 0,0,0 position.

Once your finished. Select all points but the one on the center line and mirror them across the X axis

Select the points in order bottom to top that will make the spline for the one side wall. Press ctrl+p ( make open spline ). Give it an appropriate surface name like "sidewall inner". Spline and name the remaining 2 usning names like "tread cap" and "sidewall outer"

Once the 3 splines are named and created hold shift and select them all and push ctrl+s to smooth out where the 3 meet.

Now is the time to push points around and adjust the shape as needed. ( V6.5 turn Symmetry on ). Select 1 point from the bottom of the sidewall spline and copy and paste in layer 2.

Time to Lathe! push shift+L or under the multiply tab, Lathe. Push n to bring up the numeric requester. Since we are building around 0,0,0 there is nothing to tweak hear except the number of segments you need for it.

I set mine to 32 which would be ok for a fairly close shot. Make sure the Axis is set to x too.

Close the requester and deactivate the lathe. In openGL preview make sure everything is shaped right. Undo and tweak if necessary. If a surface is facing the wrong way selct 1 polygon and press the ] key to select all connected then press f ( flip normal ).

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