SasLite Window OK.. This is where the fun and alot of trial and error starts. I set arrows on the places to keep an eye on. First check the Use guide chain box. Beside Surface Name(s) enter what you called your hair. In my case Hair and hit enter. The surface indicator should go from (here) 0/2 to 1/2 meaning one of 2 surfaces are active. To begin with LOWER Coarseness to 10%, Frizz to 0 and Clump Size to 10%. Leave the rest alone for now.

Ok....Hit F9. It should look something like this. Not great but hey...Its got hair. Sas renders quick so now is when you get to start tweaking. Change one setting at a time and do a test render. Special attention should be paid to Coarseness and Clump Size. Coarseness it the physical thickness of each hair and Clump size is the size of the bundle of hair that is following each guide. If your hair explodes into a mess. Lower the clump size first. Start low and work up is the key.

Once you get the hair flowing correctly then you can play with the frizz, again start low and work up. If the hair isn't covering enough, move the Lock Width up to spread the clump out. You may also want to ramp up the Density Level to fill in any gaps.

These show the final output and the settings I ended up with. Yours may be diffrent depending on the scale you choose to model in. That about raps it up for SasLight. Now off you go and put hair on things.

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