Down and Dirty Props.

Ok.. The following is the way that I do propellers. Its not all that accurate to real life but for still and animations it works fine since nobody is going to measure the pitch on the blades anyway. =) So fire up modeler and folow along. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible and all the images will appear in a new window so you can leave it open to study it a bit if needed.
Step 1. To make things MUCH simpler..Copy your spinner to a new layer and push F2 to center it. This is a whole lot easier if you work at coordinates 0,0,0. Put the spinner in the background and select the disk tool. Drag out a disk like this Step#1. I've upped the points to around 34 so you have enough on the top and bottom. This will become the prop blade.
Step 2. Select all the points shown here Step #2 and delete them.
Step 3. Now move around the middle most points to give it a nice profile. It should look somthing like this Step #3 when your finished. Now you need to Select the polygon and add 2 points like this Step #3B so they are as close to the center line as possible. Give it a surface name like prop_blade and set smoothing on.
Step 4. Move the poly out to JUST inside the spinner like this Step #4. Select the 2 points that you added to the top and bottom. Copy them and paste them in an empty layer. These are going to be the starting points for the splines we make next.
Step 5. OK. In point mode select the top point of the two you just pasted here. Press the + button to create points. I don't have a background image so I just winged it. place points along the top of the prop blade. Don't be afraid to use as many as you need to make it accurate but not so many that it gets out of hand. Mine looks like this Step #5 Once your done press ctrl+p to create an open spline. Step #6 Tweak the points to make the spline the right shape if needed.
Step 6. Now repeat the process for the lower point. + key to create points Step #7 and then ctrl+p to create the spline. Again move points around to get the spline to the correct shape. when your done it should look like this. Step #8
Step 7. Still with me? Good!! Now the fun begins. Select the top points like this. Step #9 Now in the top view, Move each point towards the back of the spinner. Press ctrl or use the middle mouse button to constrain movement to just the Z axis. In the end you should have something like this. Step #10
Step 8. Now bring the blade profile polygon to the front with the splines you just finished in the background. Just like this. Step #11. Let the magic begin!!!! Select the rail extrude tool. Step #12 Time to experiment. In most cases like this oriented can be turned off. Scaling on the other hand. Sometimes it should be left on others you get better results with it off. Use the undo to test both and see what works best. For me it was on. You may need to flip ( f key ) the polys once its done.
Step 9.

We're closing in on it! Just a couple more steps. Select the array tool and you want radial Step #13 Set the # of blades that you need..... I can't remember if you include the one you created already or not. Remember..... Undo is our friend =) I set it for 4 and press OK.

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Now you have a completed Prop like this Step Done

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